The Banana Genome Hub published in Database journal

We are glad to announce you that the Banana Genome Hub, an integrative information system on Musa genomics, has just been published in database oxford journal.

Droc, G., Lariviere, D., Guignon, V., Yahiaoui, N., This, D., Garsmeur, O., Dereeper, A., Hamelin, C., Argout, X., Dufayard, J.-F., Lengelle, J., Baurens, F.-C., Cenci, A., Pitollat, B., D'Hont, A., Ruiz, M., Rouard, M., Bocs, S. The Banana Genome Hub. Database (2013) Vol. 2013: article ID bat035; doi:10.1093/database/bat035

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