Chris Town nominated as Chair of the Management Committee

We are happy to announce that Dr. Chris Town from JCVI, USA was elected by the GMGC management committee as Chair of our Consortium MC. Indeed since we  are approaching a critical moment of the life of our 10 years old GMGC consortium where the Musa Whole Genome Sequence Information will be made available soon, the GMGC management committee decided to proceed with the election of a chair.

The  role of the chair will be to propose the future directions and especially assuring that the sequence information is being applied in genetic diversity studies but also in genetic improvement. In liaison with the coordinator, the chair will be organizing agenda meetings, chairing meetings, oversee the implementation of the activities that we agree upon. The chair represent GMGC in other networks steering committees such for the newly formed Global Musa Genetic Resources Network (MusaNet and  for ProMusa (

 As a first action, Chris Town,  as GMGC Management Committee Chair, will be attending  the ISHS-ProMusa symposium taking place this week at Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. At the end of the symposium, a one day special workshop will be dedicated to  Future directions in Musa genomics and applications in genetic improvement where Chris will be able to guide us based on his multiple experiences in other genome sequencing projects.